Emergency Lodging Assistance program to pay for Florida residence for hotels affected by IRMA

HOTEL SUPPORT LINE: 1-866-545-9865 for assistance.
E-Mail: femahousing@clclodging.com

he Emergency Lodging Assistance program provides lodging reimbursement for pre-qualified individuals from designated disaster areas. The Federal Emergency Management Agency created the ELA program to provide temporary shelter as a result of a Federal disaster declaration. As administrator for this FEMA-funded preparedness initiative, CLC provides rules-based payments for all qualified applicants at participating hotels.

Program Activation
FEMA determines all ELA program activations. Upon notice from FEMA, CLC communicates ELA program activation information to hotels through a variety of delivery methods (fax, mail, internet alerts.) CLC encourages hotels to visit the ELA website on a frequent basis to stay informed on activation alerts, comprehensive program news and updates.

Guest Processing
Individuals seeking assistance must contact FEMA to qualify for the ELA program. Only qualified individuals are eligible for lodging assistance under the terms of the ELA program. Hotels process all FEMA-qualified individuals seeking shelter through the ELA website.

Important Notes:

  • All qualified guests must sign an Emergency Lodging Assistance-Terms and Conditions form. The form must be dated when the guest(s) first arrives at the hotel.
  • All qualified guests must provide a valid government-issued ID at check-in
  • Instruct guests to contact FEMA for assistance with all ELA-related issues
  • Each qualified guest is assigned an authorized start and end date. Qualified guests are only eligible for lodging assistance during their assigned authorization period
  • Lodging costs incurred outside of the assigned period or exceeding the per-diem based maximum nightly room rate, are the sole responsibility of the guest
  • At the discretion FEMA, lodging assistance can be extended on a case-by-case basis
  • Check all eligible guests into your ELA account as soon as they are issued a room.

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