Burj Khalifa – The World Tallest Tower

Burj Khalifa – The World Tallest Tower


The world largest tower is located in Dubai. The height of this tower is about 2,726 feet with 160 floors. The name of this tower is called Burj Khalifa. You can visit this tower by booking tickets on their official website by click this link. There are many room you can stay in this tower. You can also live inside this tower. This tower also contains a big hall for events like weddings. There is an observation deck at the 125th floor. (There is some inforamtion about the observation deck down below.) The most expensive packages cost about 600 AED (1 USA Dollar = 3.67 AED). You can have tea in the clouds. There is a Burj Club, where you can exercise in the Gym or relax in the spa, above the city. Visiting the Burj Khalifa will be a unique experience you can have.

Here is some information from the Website.

At the Top, Burj Khalifa

You may choose between : (L125.L124)

At the Top SKY

Level 124

  • Be thrilled by the world’s fastest double deck elevators, cruising at 10m/s.
  • Take a closer look at the world below through avant-garde, high powered, telescopes.
  • Step out onto the public outdoor observation terrace overlooking the ever growing skyline.

Level 125

  • At 456 meters, Level 125 offers a spacious deck tastefully decorated in Arabic mashrabiya for stunning 360-degree views.
  • Step on to, Dubai – A Falcon’s Eye View that allows you to explore Dubai as you fly over the city.
  • Capture your Burj Khalifa moments forever and integrate reality and special effects with green screen photography
  • Set off on a virtual reality experience to the pinnacle of Burj Khalifa
  • Enjoy a new immersive experience; step on an inspired glass-floor with a twist. Feel the glass crack underneath your feet, as you explore the lofty heights from 456 meters in air.

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