Companion app – A safety device just a tap away

A safety device just a tap away

Companion lets you reach out to family, friends, or your public safety department to have them keep an eye on you as you travel late at night

Add friends or family to be your Companion. They don’t even need the app installed to watch your back!

Reach out to your Companions or your local police department with just a tap.

If you set off a Smart Trigger, we’ll check in to make sure you’re safe. If you don’t respond, we’ll alert your Companions.

Works with anyone

Anyone in your contact book can be your Companion, they don’t even need to have the app installed!

Not an Emergency, but feel uneasy?

Help the community identify sketchy areas. We’ll make sure to pass this info on to public safety to make your next walk home even safer

Safe. Secure. Seamless.

Companion works in the background. Simply start a trip and place your phone in your pocket. Focus on staying safe, not setting up a timer or keeping your finger pressed down.

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