some of the things that one might need to do after closing

some of the things that one might need to do after closing

  •  check usps office for moving coupons
  •  change the lock after getting the key to house
  •  do a binding contract with moving company (check the forum for different company)
  •  video record all your product before moving
  •  ask your current provider of utilities(gas,electricity etc.,) to move services to new place to avoid credit check for new application.
  •  compare the gas rates in ga and lock the rate with gas provider (12 months)
  • Take a load mgmt switch from electricity company – will give bill credit in summer
  • Try buying all the appliances(refrigerator,washer dryer) , garage door opener ,lawn care products (mowing,trimming,blowing,bricks etc.,) at one time from homedepot
  • Ask for bid room price in homedepot for all your purchases totaling more than 3/4 thousand along with store/manufacturer promotions.
  • It is better to take warranty on the appliances from store as it cost less bucks for 5 yr compared to squaretrade or anyother company
  • You can negotiate on the warranty
  • Home owners insurance needed as part of closing.
  • Home security system (better to have it incase of fire alert) and you can get discount in home insurance.


  • Ask for multiple discount from same insurance company by combining home auto security system etc.,
  • Register in epropertywatch
  • Stores has satureday session to teach ‘Do it yourself’ projects
  • Some of the things are very easy to DIY which can help you on health and wealth
  • Filing for homestead exemption with your county office
  • Note down the closing attorney’s email and phone no for future ref
  • Note down email county officer’s email for receiving a soft copy of closing document once county register your house (takes couple of month)
  • Keep all your documents for tax filing.
  • Schedule online bill pay for mtg with all other utility bill and monitor for first couple of month.
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sit and relax in your yard.

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American dream – owning a home (Pearson Education)

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