SEDGWICK – If there’s one thing employers with workers’ compensation, disability, absence management, and liability programs need, it’s knowledge. Knowledge on the status of individual and aggregate claims, which employees are at work or are on leave, which claims are exceeding thresholds and more. What many employers have discovered is that while the data is there, without the right partner, it can be difficult to get to the information needed to understand, analyze and improve claims programs. This leads to the second thing employers need – a truly integrated claims system that provides a complete picture of their entire claims program.For more than 40 years, Sedgwick has been creating effective interfaces and providing one-stop shopping for virtually any kind of claims program for some of the nation’s premier employers. We help our clients create optimal programs using a full suite of proprietary claims technology.

Our leading-edge technology:

  • Fully integrates with clients’ existing systems including HR, payroll and other intake vehicles;
  • Offers complete customization;
  • Is flexible to ensure it can meet the needs of any employer;
  • Boasts applications that are easy to use and simple to learn.

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