Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Know who you are interviewing with and for.

Before considering an interview, do your homework. Research the company to learn about its history, culture, services, products, customers and competition. Learning about the company will give you an opportunity to determine if this is the right place for you, and this knowledge will assist you in having richer discussions during the interview process and present the opportunity to ask more in-depth questions of your interviewer.

You cannot hide from poor preparation.

Understanding the job you are interviewing for is your first step. Ensure your resume clearly demonstrates your qualifications and accomplishments related to the position. Next, plan for the questions that you will likely be asked. We utilize behavioral questions that will focus on your background, work experiences, challenges and outcomes. This interview style gives you the opportunity to share real life examples of your skills, accomplishments and problem solving abilities while assisting us in learning more about you. It is helpful to practice talking about your experiences with another person ahead of time so that you are prepared to answer questions and provide supporting details. Finally, have your questions for the interviewer, extra copies of your resume and paper to take notes.

Make a lasting first impression.

Though there is no standard dress code for an interview, there are some general best practices. Think about what you will wear to the interview in advance. Regardless if the environment is casual or not, you are on an interview and should dress appropriately. Make sure your attire is suitable for a business environment, clean, wrinkle free and in good condition. You should feel confident and comfortable in what you are wearing and it will show!

On time is too late.

Allow extra time for the unexpected – traffic, getting lost, parking or navigating the interview site. You should be in the building 10 to 15 minutes prior the start of the interview. Use this time to collect yourself, your notes and mentally prepare for your interview.

There is more to the interview than what you say.

The interview starts when you arrive. Make sure your electronic devices are turned off and put away. Greet your interviewer with confidence, have a firm handshake and make eye contact. Listen carefully to what they are saying, asking and directing. As you continue through the interview, be aware of your body language, your tone and maintain eye contact.

Be a STAR.

Listen carefully to the question the interviewer is asking and how they want you to answer it. Do not jump ahead of the question or assume you know what will be asked next. If you are unsure of what the interviewer is asking it is okay for you to ask for clarification. When presenting your answer think about specific, real life Situations, the Task that was performed, the Action you took, and the Results those actions yielded. This is where your preparation will pay off! Give specific examples that demonstrate how your abilities and experiences align with the question being asked.

Before you leave …

Ask the questions that you have prepared. Make sure they are relevant and show your interest in the company and the position. Thank the interviewer for their time and remember that the interview is not over until you leave the building.

After you leave …

Ensure that you and your recruiter have discussed next steps.

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